A magical moment in my backyard

FullSizeRender-2-kopi 2

A day off. Lousy weather. I spent it indoor with a good book. Three hours before midnight, I became restless. Then the weather changed and I went for a short road trip.

Why should we care about short trips in our own backyard? There is one thing I have to repeat over and over again – it’s way too easy to postpone the short road trips, since you can do these trips any day. But keep in mind that weather conditions can make the journey unique every time you go. It does not matter if you already been there 10 or 15 times already. At least you will get some fresh air. 

About 30 kilometers later I arrived at the abandoned power station. At the same moment the sun disappeared behind the clouds and I got really mad. Now I wouldn’t get the effect I wanted with the sunbeams going through the broken windows.

But I got to shoot some pictures. After all, it was the first time I was there. And I got a chance to get to known the location. Because I’ll be back for the right light and sun conditions.


ME: I was able to get my self in the picture.


On my way back I decided to take a trip to Kvaløyvågen even if there was snow in the air. Snow in the end of may… I guess there is no reason to be surprise when you live above the Arctic Circle.

I wanted to look at a location which could be perfect to shoot the northern lights next winter. At first I just wanted to go home, but I knew as long as I had started to think about going there, then I had to do it. There’s a lot of times I’ve regretted that I didn’t go because I might have gotten a good photo. 

I looked at the house which was 400 yard away, but I dropped to go down when I saw a lavvu (sami tent) in the reflection of a small lake on the other side of the road.

FullSizeRender-2-kopi 3FullSizeRender-2-kopi 5

I started walking towards the car, but I quickly changed my mind. I decided to walk around the lake and take some close-ups of the lavvu since it would only take me two-three minutes to get there. 

Suddenly the sun appeared between the clouds and I had a magical moment that last for a couple of minutes.


I couldn’t stop smiling. A few minutes earlier it snowed a little bit. It just shows what kind of reward you can get when you travel in your own backyard. I was delighted that I left the couch behind and got some magic from above.

A few more pictures:

and-1-8and-1-11and-1-12and-1-16and-1-17and-1-18and-1-19and-1-21FullSizeRender-2-kopi 4

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