Alive and kicking.

Its a song by Simple Minds but it also the reason why I love to travel. I feel alive. And it gives me a lot of energy. Its starts already when a destination suddenly appear in front of me, either through a magazine, TV-program, web-page, picture on Instagram or in a conversation with a friend. I love to do resarch and could spend hours looking for small details which can make my trip even more interesting.


My name is Nils-Jarle Sætre and until I was 24 my travel was divided in two categories. Family vacations in my childhood and trips far away. Well, the last category only had one trip. 14 days in Cyprus. Then I left for USA to study and the travel bug hit me big time.

Because I love to travel. Experience new cultures, meeting people, unfamiliar smells, language barriers, tasting strange dishes and learning new things about my self. How can you not love it?

I want to share some of my experiences with you. This is not a travel blog where I write what happen right there and then when I’m travelling. I’ll rather write one story from a trip, then publish something from a different trip or just post a few pictures and sometimes it would be just one picture with a few lines about it. But sometimes I’ll also publish while travelling.

I’m a norwegian so therefore I’ll post stories and pictures from my native country
as well. Sometimes is it not necessary to leave your own borders to have a great time exploring. Its important to have an open mind, because some of the best trips can be done in your own “backyard”. Norway is a beautiful country and hopefully some of you will be inspired to come and visit us in the future.

English is my second language, so please overlook my grammar and other mistankes that I most certain will do in my blog.

Do you have any questions, please e-mail at nsaetre@yahoo.com.

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